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i just got cs4

2009-03-02 20:52:59 by wam-bo

who's jealous?

who wants in on a collab?

2008-11-16 12:29:49 by wam-bo

i'm thinking it'll be a collab about old school cartoons, like doug, hey arnold, dexter's lab, stuff like that so if you're interested, lemme know!

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i got banned from leaving reviews

2008-10-28 22:23:32 by wam-bo

any thoughts?

people who are ok at flash

2008-10-15 22:19:12 by wam-bo

well hello there, my name is wam-bo, and i reeeally like newgrounds. i have been raising my level, and experience and all that for a while now, but one of my real goals is to win a trophy. a few times it's crossed my mind to just make sum crap and get turd of the week, but that's cheating! i won't stand for that! i'm looking for people who are pretty good at flash, or who have good cartoon ideas, i'm not the best animator in the world, but i'm improving! and trying! and all that good stuff! so seriously tho get back to me if you have the same goal of a trophy in mind, and or if you have any idea on a cartoon we could make to accomplish said goal.

today is the 26th!!

2008-08-26 00:19:14 by wam-bo

i'm seeing boston and styx live today at the state fair!! sweeeeeeeeet!!!

today is the 26th!!

if anyone is interested in participating, leave a comment ya know? i've never done a collab b4 but it should be fun! thanks for reading anyway!

just review it and stuff

2008-06-16 22:32:03 by wam-bo

here it is so yea this is my cartoon, it's kinda old but i want some more feedback! thanks again!!

just review it and stuff

i are workin on sumthin big

2008-01-06 11:04:17 by wam-bo

basically workin on the greatest cartoon evr created. i've said 2 much buh-bye now

i are workin on sumthin big